Marketing has been around forever in one form or another.Since the earliest days when people told stories to trade their merchandise, marketing was born.
Methods have changed and improved dramatically since those early days and with technology at our fingertips e-marketing is the modern way of using old methods to effectively communicate our message to our clients.
What is e-marketing?
This is simply marketing via electronic media.We utilize various elements of technology, the worldwide web and internet to ensure that your marketing message attracts new business, keeps your current client base excited and to develop a brand-awareness amongst as many users as possible.
The internet is a force that cannot be ignored in any type of business today. It enables us to communicate directly with millions of people on an annual basis..
  What are the benefits?
Reach Traditional marketing is limited by the high input costs of wide marketing campaigns & thus limits the scope to market a product, service or idea effectively and successfully.The internet however enables a business to promote globally, on a much smaller marketing budget, with a far higher reach of clients around the globe.
  Scope Internet marketing allows your business to reach your target market in a wide range of ways eg. Bulk e-mails, website etc.  
  Interactivity Traditional newspaper ads, flyers etc. is largely used to build brand awareness, with little or no direct communication with individual potential clients.E-marketing allows much more interaction, allowing potential clients to communicate directly with you business with the click of a button.  
  Immediacy Internet marketing is able to provide immediate impact.Lets compare a competition in you local newspaper or magazine to an online competition.The newspaper/magazine needs to be acquired(financial implication for client), the competition form completed and carefully removed from the media (time), then it has to be posted or dropped off at a collection point (time).Online competitions/marketing reaches your clients inbox (convenient), with one click the are redirected to an online entry form (convenient), they complete their details and with a final click the entry is completed without having to leave you home or office (convenient).  
A busy lifestyle is the norm these days, with much less available time.Technology is available to almost every household, via cell phones, laptops, wireless connections, internet cafes and much much more.
Does it not make sense to enter this world of convenient cost effective marketing?
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